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3.2.2 When you are prevented from traveling within the period of validity of the ticket because at the time you request reservations we are unable to confirm a reservation, either we will extend the validity of such ticket or you may be entitled to a refund from us in accordance with Article 10.

3.2.3 If after having commenced your journey, you are prevented from traveling within the period of validity of the ticket by reason of illness, we may extend the period of validity of your ticket until either the date when you become fit to travel (according to a medical certificate) or until our first flight after such date, from the point where the journey is resumed on which space is available in the class of service for which the fare has been paid. When the flight coupons remaining in the ticket, or in the case of an electronic ticket, the electronic coupon, involve one or more stopovers, we may extend the validity of such ticket for not more than three months from the date shown on such certificate. In such circumstances, we will similarly extend the period of validity of tickets of other members of your immediate family accompanying you.

3.2.4 In the event of death of a passenger en route, we may modify the tickets of persons accompanying the passenger by waiving the minimum stay or extending the validity. In the event of a death in the immediate family of a passenger who has commenced travel, we may likewise modify the validity of the passenger's tickets and those of his or her immediate family who are accompanying the passenger. Any such modification shall be made on receipt of a valid death certificate and any such extension of validity shall not be for a period longer than forty-five (45) days from the date of the death.
3.3 Coupon sequence and use

3.3.1The ticket will not be honored and will lose its validity if all the coupons are not used in the sequence provided in the ticket.

3.3.2 The ticket you have purchased is valid for transportation from your point of origin, via agreed stop-over and/or transfer points, to the destination as shown on your ticket. The fare you have paid is calculated on the basis of the entire journey shown on the ticket. Should you wish to change your journey you must contact us in advance. The fare for your new journey will be recalculated and you will be given the option of accepting the new price or maintaining your original journey as ticketed. Should you change your journey without our agreement we reserve the right to assess the correct fare for your actual travel and collect from you any difference between the fare you have paid and the fare applicable for your revised journey. We will refund the difference if your new fare is lower.

3.3.3 Please be aware that while some types of changes will not result in a changed fare, others, such as changing your point of origin or reversing the direction you travel, can result in an increase in price. Many special fares are valid only, on the dates and flights shown on the ticket and may not be changeable at all, or only on payment of an additional fee.

3.3.4.Each coupon will be accepted for carriage in the class of service specified on the coupon on the date and flight for which space has been reserved. When coupons are issued without a reservation being specified, space may be reserved, subject to the conditions of the relevant fare and the availability of space on the flight requested.
3.4 Name and address of carrier

Our name may be abbreviated to our airline designator code in the ticket. Our address shall be deemed to be the airport of departure shown opposite the first reference to our designator code in the "carrier" box in the ticket or, in the case of an electronic ticket, as indicated for our first flight set out in the itinerary/receipt.




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