The Cessna 206 is a high wing piston engine powered aircraft. It is widely used throughout the world in many countries and enjoys a reputation of reliability. It is an ideal aircraft for short flights taking up to 5 passengers.

It can also easily and quickly be converted into the cargo role. This aircraft can also be used for aerial photography & geological surveys. Due to its sturdy airframe the Cessna 206 can be operated into short and unpaved runways without any difficulty. Gum Air has 4 Cessna 206.


- Up to 5 passengers
- Passenger/ cargo combination
- All Cargo

  • Maximum cargo width: 100cm
  • Maximum cargo height: 120cm
  • Maximum cargo length: 210cm






New security measures now prohibit the possession of knives, pocket-knives and all knife-like objects, straight razors, scissors or ice picks in the passenger cabin of an...
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