Cessna 208The Cessna Grand Caravan C208B is manufactured by Cessna of Wichita, Kansas, USA. This aircraft is powered by a Pratt & WHITNEY PT6A-114A free turbine engine, rated at 675 shaft horsepower. The PT6 is one of the most respected and trusted aircraft power plants in history. The Caravan is designed for both passenger and cargo transport. It can accommodate upto 13 passengers in an extremely quiet and spacious cabin.

A composite cargo pod allows baggage and cargo to be stowed out of sight and safely. With the cargo pod, the Caravan has over 451 cu/ft of cargo space at its disposal. The wide, side cargo door with dimensions of 49" x 50" allows the loading and unloading of bulky and large cargo with ease. As reported in “Business & Commercial Aviation (October 2002)” the Caravan is one of the safest single engine aircraft available.

Gum Air operates 5 Cessna 208B Grand caravans.

Cessna 208 cargo space
- Up to 12 passengers
- Passenger/cargo combination
- All cargo



 Cargo Dimensions:

  • Maximum cargo length: 420cm
  • Maximum cargo width: 150cm
  • Maximum cargo height: 137cm
  • Loading door height: 127cm
  • Loading door width: 124cm





New security measures now prohibit the possession of knives, pocket-knives and all knife-like objects, straight razors, scissors or ice picks in the passenger cabin of an...
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